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Efficiency and Rapidity with Contained Costs

The rapidity of drying guaranteed by the modern infrared technology, the excellent quality of the final result due to the advanced surveying system - without contact - and the automatic control of the temperature on the surface to be dried and the remarkable saving in terms of effective operating costs are only some of the so many advantages that Helios can offer.
Compared to many models currently on the market, Helios is very compact and extremely versatile. It is capable of moving in all directions: longitudinal, lateral, vertical (with a maximum of 1.2 m) and is able to rotate upon itself.
In combination with its precise and reliable distance sensors, Helios is able to perfectly follow the profile of the car or parts that need to be dried.
It can be installed in preparation areas or inside the paint booths;

  • in preparation areas: the system can handle up to 6 different zones; Helios can work in any of these zones.

  • in paint booths: it can be installed in single or double booths and can be used alone or in pairs to a second Helios system, so to realize a full arc (HELIOS PLUS).

The central control unit is located outside the work area and, thanks to the big touch screen display, it’s possible managing and controlling all the work phases. The software is powerful, intuitive and easy to use because working with Helios must be a pleasure.

HELIOS - Video 1 HELIOS - Video 2 HELIOS - Video 3 HELIOS - Video 4

The Control Software

Starting from the Home page is possible to go directly to the operational phase, as well as access to pages of general setup of the system in which different parameters are fixed as, for example, language, structure of the area and the specific characteristics of the products used.

From the main page, pressing the "START" button, there is a series of pages that, in sequence, allow to do the following operations:

  • choice of the type of product to use;

  • type of car that needs to be dried (3 or 5 doors);

  • selecting which specific parts of the car must be dried;

  • possible addition of detached parts that must be dried during the same working session. 

At the end of the settings, there is the “START” page that summarizes all the settings made. Using the button "START", the drying phase begins. The power of the various panels is automatic in relation to parts that need to be dried. At the end of the work phase, it’s possible having a report of the work performed (operator name, vehicle plate, parts dried, date and duration of treatment).

Technical Data (for single system)

Emission Short waves
Number of Lamps 9
Power Supply 400 V 3 Phases - 50-60 Hz
Power (*) 15000 W (HELIOS MAX und HELIOS MID)
13500 W (HELIOS MIN)
Type of control Totally computerized

(*) HELIOS MAX, MED and MIN are characterized by different sizes of the panels

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