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  • Drying Varnishes/Fillers
    Studied for the professional body-shops, the driers with infrared lamps represent an innovative drying system of traditional and/or water-based varnishes, transparent paints and putty.
    They are characterized by the particular mechanical structure, the panels number and type and the particular control mode: there are models equipped with an integrated temperature measurement system and models that have sophisticated and efficient computers to simplify at the most all the drying operations and to guarantee always  the best results.
  • Trailer-mounted Dryers:  the panels with infrared lamps are installed on particular mechanical structures with the purpose to make the movement and the alignment of the panels easier, requiring less space. 
  • Air System: the panels are applied to a flexible and strong aerial structure that allows to reduce to the least the working space use. 
  • HS1: static panels of large format that can be used for drying of paints and fillers, for the pre-heating phase in the spray booth or the preparation area, but also to heat the working environments.
  • HELIOS: it represents the "flagship" among the infrared rays drying systems. It's the most powerful and efficient dryer actually on the market.
  • Manual Dryers: they are the most manageable and most economic systems and they are the ideal instruments for the little body shop works.
  • Accessories: extensible, stable and strong multipurpose undercarriages that represent ideal working instruments in multiple activities.
    • GSM/GPRS Terminals and Modules
      NET.BOX 4410 is a programmable controller desiged and realized by ELE.TEC.; it has reduced dimensions but with great possibilities of employment; in fact it is a small PC with an elevated number of expandable inputs/outputs and it can be used in vertical telemetric applications for the remote control of world-wide distributed plants and processes, as data-logger of events with integrated web server, in domotics and building automation field, and so on.

      Produced by Cinterion (ex Siemens' products): they have good performances, contained costs and they can be easily and quickly integrated with preexisting systems. These GSM and GPRS terminals and modules are very good solutions in measurement and remote maintenance, traffic systems, transportation and logistics, vending machines, security, and building technology. The different models can be personalized thanks to the many available accessories and kits.

      Teltonikas' products: the lithuanian company, which also cooperates with Nokia, offers technologically advanced devices with high grade and low prices. Teltonika produces GSM/GPRS modems; very interesting are also the tracking terminals usefull for tracking of vehicles or goods, and so the wireless controllers.
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